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Don’t write-off Microsoft yet. It has patented an application for incentivising people to watch more ads. It’s a clever idea, but may suffer from a fatal flaw. Erm….adverts. They are everywhere.

Have you ever had the misfortune to watch a programme on the ITV player? If you are interrupted and put the programme on hold, and you lose connection, you may have to re-start the app. Each time, you have to sit through the ads before you start watching. If you are unlucky, and keep being interrupted, you have to watch ads over and over again, before you can start viewing the content.

That is an extreme example. But we have all had that frustration of channel surfing only to find ads on virtually every channel. And you must have noticed that on some shows the ads seem to appear every few minutes. Take the ‘X Factor’. In part one we are reminded of what happened last week and what is happening in part two. Then we have the ads. In part two we get the highlights of part one, a sneak preview of part two and then we get the ads. It continues.

So we look away. It’s like a battle between our ingenuity in avoiding ads, and advertisers’ ingenuity in putting their ads in front of us.
Now Microsoft has patented an app for its recently announced Xbox One, due out later this year, using the technology behind its Kinect product to incentivise us to watch ads.

So the technology knows when we are not watching ads, when our eyes are, as it were, averted, but gives us credits when we give the ads our full attention.

It is thought we will be able to trade the credits for free content. There is one snag. Advertisers want to target their ads as accurately as possible. And if people start viewing them because they are being paid to do so, is there not a chance they will be the wrong type of audience?

The advertising industry itself, talks about ads being more interactive; about us choosing to view them. Well, let’s wait and see.

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