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Apparently we all spend most of our lives living in the same place; it is called Storyland. According to Jonathan Gottschall, who pended the book ‘The StoryTelling Animal’, “By the time we die we will have spent more time in the provinces of Storyland, (novels plays, TV Shows, songs, dreams fantasies, and so on) than anywhere else.”

But the story or – if you want to use the word that anthropologists and marketers prefer – the narrative, has a resonance that strikes right into the core of our soul. Present facts as a power point presentation, and their impact largely washes over us, like waves on a beach during high tide. But present facts as part of a story – one involving taste and smell, fear and hope, tragedy and love – and our brain becomes a beacon of emitting neurons.

Yet the narrative can fool us, can drag us into crazes, and lead us to make calamitous errors. Then there is justice. A judge or jury subjected to one particular narrative can rarely see the other point of view. The narrative can enlighten us, but it is also the stuff that wars, economic bubbles and legal injustices are made of.

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