If content is king, long live the kings and queens – all of them

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Companies, New Media, Technology
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If you are really nerdy, not unlike the author of this article, you may never have recovered from the death of Blake. He was the eponymous hero of the TV series ‘Blake’s Seven’, who was killed off halfway through the series, only to apparently reappear in the last episode, but this time as villain, who killed all the other main characters. So what has that got to do with the price of bread? Well, it turns out that Microsoft – that’s Microsoft a company better known for a product you may have heard of called Windows – is re-making Blake’s seven for Xbox Live service. It’s a part of a – sorry to use an overused word – revolution in the world of content. It is one that will affect us just as much as a sharp change in the price of bread.

Microsoft is not alone. Netflix has had a go at another old BBC series, ‘The House of Cards’, and it has been praised to the hills too. To misquote the rather nauseating fictitious politician Francis Urquhart, played by Ian Richardson in the original series: “You might say it is better than the original, I cannot possible confirm that.”

Amazon is making a TV series called ‘Alpha House’. They are at it because these companies realise something crucial: content really is king. They need content to promote their distribution channel.

Not all are going for unique content. Vodafone is licensing BSkyB sports content to appear on its 4G network. BT, as you will surely know, is taking on BSKYB in its own back yard. Virgin is in turn licensing content from BT.

But are the companies with real value the ones that create content, and why does their content have to be sold on an exclusive basis? So HBO or the BBC are examples of content producers – although in the case of HBO it has its own premium network, and in the case of BBC asking whether it is a distributor of content or a producer of content is akin to asking which was first: the chicken or the egg. But content producers also include producers of sports, football clubs, and cricket clubs and, well you can continue the list.

And as mobile internet evolves from 3G to 4G to 5G, we will all have access to the means of distribution. Do we need the distributors, or can we go direct to the content producers?

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